Bumping Up the Volume One Shot at a Time

Let me tell you a story when I entered two images of a pregnant woman into a photography competition. The first image depicted a soft, feminine pose of a mother-to-be filled with love and longing for her baby, while the second captured the same pregnant woman exuding power and confidence in a queen-like stance. She is stoic and ready for her incredible motherhood journey ahead of her. 

Image 1
Image 2

In the world of photography, every image tells a story, and every judge brings their own perspective to the table.  There were two judges; female and male. The female judge awarded the second image with 19 points (out of 20 max), appreciating the strength it portrayed. However, the male judge, stuck in antiquated views, marked it down to 17 claiming the pose was TOO POWERFUL, suggesting that women, especially pregnant women, shouldn’t be portrayed as such in photography. Can you believe it?!?!?

The first image won the best mono image of the year award, but the whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth because of prejudices and expectations placed on women. The notion that women should be feminine and nurturing rather than also strong and powerful is a stereotype that needs to be shattered. It’s disheartening to witness how deeply ingrained these outdated beliefs still are in certain circles, especially in the realm of photography where women should be celebrated in all their diverse facets and expressions – whether it be soft and loving or strong and resilient. Each woman deserves to be seen and celebrated for who she truly is, free from societal expectations and biases.

This experience fueled my commitment to empower women through my maternity sessions at Bella Daly Photography. My mission is clear: to celebrate the beauty and strength of women during pregnancy and beyond. To provide a safe, welcoming space for new mothers to express themselves, capturing their unique moments with authenticity and pride. You are a warrior, a goddess, a queen, as well as you are lovingnurturingcaring and adaptable – and you deserve to be seen and celebrated, regardless of outdated expectations or judgments. Stand tall, embrace your power, and let your story shine through my lens.

So…with that said, here are 3 Reasons Why My Maternity Sessions Are Perfect for You

1. If you’re tired of the same old maternity photography that sticks to traditional poses and societal expectations, then you’ll find Bella Daly Photography a breath of fresh air. I am committed to shattering the mold of conventional pregnancy portraits, celebrating the unique journey of each woman into motherhood with images that reflect the true diversity and individuality of the experience.

2. For those who are ready to embrace their strength, power, and uniqueness during pregnancy, my maternity sessions are designed with you in mind. I focus on capturing the genuine, unfiltered moments that reveal the inner warrior, goddess, and queen in every expectant mother. It’s more than photography to me; it’s about empowering women to take control of their narrative and redefine what maternity photography means.

3. If you’re searching for a photographer who goes beyond merely capturing posed, predictable shots to truly exploring the emotion and meaning in those special moments, then my maternity sessions will resonate with you. I pride myself on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where women can express themselves freely, letting their authentic selves be captured in stunning photographs. With me, it’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about authentically telling your story with pride, honesty, and beauty.

If you are curious to learn more about my approach to maternity photography sessions, read my other blog on “You Deserve to be Seen

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