Edges & Echoes: The Pieces of a Woman Project - Participant Questionnaire

Thank you for considering participation in the “Echoes & Edges: The Pieces of a Woman” project. Your unique story is valuable, and through this questionnaire, we aim to understand not just the narrative you wish to share but also how we can collaboratively capture your essence in a way that resonates and empowers. Please take your time to answer the following questions. Your responses will guide us in creating a visual narrative that truly reflects your journey.

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By partaking, you agree to allow the use of your image for my business's promotional purposes, including but not limited to, social media, print materials, and competitions. The ultimate aim is to celebrate the diverse stories of women by potentially displaying these evocative images in a gallery or publishing them in a book. This is an invitation to a journey of empowerment and self-exploration. Let's join forces to create something truly remarkable.

By completing this questionnaire, you provide me with a glimpse into your world, allowing me to approach the narrative with the sensitivity, respect, and creativity it deserves. I look forward to potentially collaborating with you and capturing the multifaceted beauty of your story.