Newborn Photography Art


Timeless Newborn Photography

This session is ideal for newborn babies 8 to 14 days old. However, older babies, up to 4 weeks, can also be accommodated. During the session, I pose your sleeping baby and take timeless photos for you to cherish forever.

Why Choose Me as Your Newborn Photographer? 

I’m the right photographer for you if you:

Prefer simple and minimalistic rather than flashy and overcrowded

Love rich, deep colors over stereotypical baby pink or blue

Are looking for a relaxed, non-rush experience with someone who specializes in newborn photography

Value connection over perfection for parent-child images

Appreciate natural beauty and want to capture it in a timeless way, rather than relying heavily on retouching. 

Natural Beauty, Genuine Moments

I believe in capturing natural beauty and authentic moments without heavy retouching (including the newborn flaky skin), rather than creating false images of perfection. My goal is to showcase the real you and your newborn in beautiful, timeless photographs.

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Package Prices


699 or 3 instalments of 233

  • Triplex; a tri-fold centerpiece (with 3 images) finished with acrylic plate
  • Accordion mini book with 18 images
  • 20 Prints in Eco Box
  • ALL (20+) high resolution edited digital images shared via online downloadable gallery
  • Includes Parent & Sibling images
  • €50 credit towards any wall art purchase


499 or 3 instalments of 166.3
  • 10 prints (10x8 size)
  • Elegant Eco Box for the prints
  • 10 matching (same as prints) high resolution edited digital images shared via online downloadable gallery

  • Includes Parent & Sibling images


  • 5 prints (8x10 size)
  • Elegant Eco Box for the prints
  • 5 matching (same as prints) high resolution edited digital images shared via online downloadable gallery

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Newborn Photography Prep Guide & Tips!

As early as two months before your due date.

This is to ensure I’ve got an available slot for you and to also give me enough time to customize the session just for you if needed.

Let me know your due date and later as soon as your baby arrives so we can schedule a time that works best for you and your baby. 

Ideally, the best time to take photos of your newborn is when they’re 8-14 days old. At this age, they’re less likely to wake up during the session and are easier to pose. Don’t worry, they haven’t yet learned how to stretch and wiggle, so we can get those perfect shots without any fuss.

As your photographer, safety is my top priority when handling your baby. During our session, I will follow your baby’s needs and cues, making sure that they are comfortable and secure. To ensure their safety, I will wrap your baby, which is a technique that most babies find comforting. You will also find me using a number of various soothing techniques, such as shooshing, the right set temperature and many more, to keep your baby relaxed and happy throughout the session.

I use natural and locally sourced items, and after each session, I wash all the props and blankets with non-scented detergent. I have completed peadiatric and emergency first aid training and have been trained by leading newborn photographers on safe baby posing.

Rest assured, your baby is in good hands with me as your photographer. Let’s capture some beautiful moments together!

In my cosy garden studio located in the beautiful Cork area of Glanmire that is specifically designed to help me create stunning images of your little one and where you can feel right at home. This studio is fully equipped with everything I need; from backdrops to outfits, backgrounds, and props, I have carefully curated a range of items that will help me capture the magic of your baby’s first days. So you can rest assured that your newborn session will take place in a comfortable, safe, and luxurious, yet homely environment that will showcase your baby in all their glory. Take a glimpse of Bella Daly photography studio here. 

May take up to 2-3 hours.

This duration allows for feeding and ample cuddle time, as well as nappy changes whenever necessary. It is important to keep in mind that your baby sets the schedule and may require more or less time depending on their needs. So, be patient and flexible, and enjoy this special bonding time with your little one.

Babies do very well for posing when they are in deep sleep. It’s important to note that babies tend to sleep a lot during the first few weeks of life. In fact, they can sleep up to 16 hours a day! However, it’s crucial to keep your baby awake for at least two hours before a scheduled photo session, including the car ride over. 

If you can, hold the feeding until you get to my studio. When you arrive, you’ll have time to feed your baby and relax while your little one is gently rocked to sleep in preparation for the photo session. The studio will have a white noise machine, vibrating baby sleep aid, and a comfortable temperature to help soothe your baby. Don’t forget to bring a pacifier and extra food for your baby, just in case.

As a helpful tip, wearing layers is recommended as the studio will be kept warm to ensure your baby is cozy and comfortable. If you happen to forget your baby’s pacifier, the studio has Tommee Tippee Breast-Like soothers available to help soothe your baby during posing breaks.

Remember, taking care of a newborn can be challenging, but with a little preparation and guidance, you can make the experience enjoyable for both you and your little one. 

Since it will be very warm in the studio, please wear layers and a change of clothes (it happens from time to time that the baby makes a poonamie on mums and dads mid image). 

Bring extra bottles (if bottle fed) as the baby will be extra thirsty in a warm studio. 

Dummy/pacifier – this is very helpful in settling the baby for brief moments in between posing, if needed. 

Otherwise, there is no need to bring anything specific for the baby. 

However, if you have a sentimental item or a particular outfit that you would like to include in the photos, feel free to bring it along. This could be a great way to celebrate your baby’s heritage or a family tradition.

If you have a unique item like a fireman helmet or guitar, please let me know in advance so I can coordinate my set around it to create some truly special images.

The studio has headbands, wraps, outfits, and props available for use during the photo shoot. As your photographer, I prefer a minimalistic style and will be styling the shoot accordingly. If there are any colors that you strongly dislike, please inform me beforehand so that I can adjust our plans and setup accordingly.

To ensure the photos are timeless, think simple outfits, natural colours, no patterns, no logos, avoid neon colours. It’s also important to coordinate family members’ outfits to create a cohesive look.

Mums – for a more timeless and classic look, opt for a plainer, non-patterned dress or shirt in a neutral tone like white, beige, or pastel. This ensures the focus remains on your newborn and the special bond between you and your baby. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. If you’re undecided, bring few options and we can decide on the day.

Dads – a non-patterned shirt or t-shirt is recommended. Avoid white shirts as they often crinkle and can overpower the image. Softer colors like light grey, beige, or pastel shades create a more harmonious and flattering look.

Check out my Pinterest BOARD with recommended family outfits and colours; choose 2-3 complimentary tones and base your outfit around those.

Mums, don’t forget about makeup! It can make you feel good and reflect in your images. I recommend going for a natural look and avoiding too much highlighter. If you have a nice long dress or a heritage outfit, bring it along, and we’ll take a few fine art shots of you and your little one.

Here’s a pro tip: I’ll be focusing my camera on your hands for some of the images, so be sure to remove any old polish you may have left on before our session. 

Once you’re booked in and preferably once the baby arrives, please fill in my QUESTIONNAIRE

  • 2 Hours Before You Leave for Your Photo Session:
    • Feed your little one 2-3 hours prior to leaving your home if bottle fed. For breastfed babies, feed them as needed, but keep in mind that we require a content and sleepy baby for the session.
    • Try to keep baby awake after that feed (a bath, a massage, tickling toes, avoid giving the soother or keeping baby wrapped in too many blankets all help).
    • If your baby is very tired or hungry and needs to sleep, that’s totally fine.
    • When you arrive at the studio, you’ll be asked to undress your little one and feed before we start the session.
  • What to Bring:
    • If you’re bottle feeding, or considering bottle feeding, please bring plenty of formula as babies tend to be hungrier during their photo session.
    • Please bring a soother if you are using one, as it can help soothe your baby during the session.
    • Bring a spare soft blanket and a change of clothes for you just in case (I do work without a nappy to ensure baby is not too restricted when posed).
  • What to Expect During the Session:
    • The session will last around 2-3 hours.
    • The temperature in the room is 22-26 degrees, so dress for warm weather / wear layers.
    • For family shots, we recommend plain shirts/T-shirts, dresses, or blouses in neutral colors (beige, navy, white, black, grey work well).
    • Try to avoid big logos or bold patterns.
    • You don’t need to worry about an outfit for the baby.

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